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Named mark registers with e-TeX

E-TeX provides 32 768 mark registers; using this facility is far more comfortable than LaTeX tricks with \markright, \markboth, \leftmark and \rightmark.

The package provides two commands for marking: \marksthe and \marksthecs, which have * forms which disable expansion; new mark registers are allocated as needed. Syntax is closely modelled on the \marks primitive.

Four commands are provided for retrieving the marks registers’ content: \thefirstmarks, \thebotmarks, thetopmarks and \getthemarks; and the command \ifmarksequal is available for comparing the content of marks registers.

The package requires an e-TeX-enabled engine, and the etex package.

The author is Florent Chervet. The package is Copyright © 2011 Florent Chervet.

License: lppl1.3 Version: 1.0 Catalogued: 2015-08-03