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A system for writing Armenian with TeX and LaTeX

ArmTeX is a system for typesetting Armenian text with Plain TeX or LaTeX(2e). It may be used with input:

  • from a standard Latin keyboard without any special encoding and/or support for Armenian letters,
  • any keyboard which uses an encoding that has Armenian letters in the second half (characters 128-255) of the extended ASCII table (for example ArmSCII8 Armenian standard), or
  • encoded in UTF-8.

Users should note that the manuals (below) mostly describe the previous (version 2.0) of the package. Updating work is still under way.

The authors are Serguei Dachian, Arnak Dalalyan and Vardan Akopian.

License: lppl Version: 3.0-beta3 Catalogued: 2015-08-13