This server provides mirrors of several Linux distributions and other resources to Harvey Mudd College and The Claremont Colleges community and to the general public. is funded by Harvey Mudd College, the Computing and Information Services Department, the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Mathematics. The server is maintained by the Department of Mathematics.

This server is a new resource (as of late March, 2008), so it may take us a bit of time to populate the mirrors and otherwise fine-tune performance. Please bear with us.

News and information about the mirror service is available from the mathematics system blog.

Operating System Mirrors

We have local (official) mirrors of the following operating system distributions:

Package Repository Mirrors

We will also be providing mirrors of some third-party repositories, including

Other Mirrors

We also mirror the Comprehensive Tex Archive Network (CTAN): Browse Mirror.

Questions, Comments, Complaints, and Requests

Questions or concerns about this site should be directed to

Requests for additional mirrors from Claremont Colleges faculty, staff, or students are appreciated; volunteers to handle setting up the mirroring from upstream even more so.